Diode Voltage Dropper Kit (Preassembled) for 6V CD/DVD Motor Conversion



If you’re using a 6V dc motor in your Lima or Hornby ringfield motor conversion, and you’re using DC control or DCC without CV5 functionality, you’ll need to consider a diode voltage dropper to protect the motor from over-voltage and current.

Preassembled diode voltage dropper kit Our preassembled diode voltage dropper kit includes all of the core components – four surface mount diodes and a piece of pre-cut and scored circuit board – soldered together for immediate use.

All you have to do is solder the wires to the motor/from the pickups or decoder (be careful not to dislodge the diodes).  Detailed wiring instructions are available in our ringfield adaptor kit instructions booklet.

Happy to solder yourself?

If soldering is your idea of fun and you’d happily construction the diode dropper yourself, our diode voltage dropper components kit provides you all that you need to get cracking. You can order it here.


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