Ringfield Motor Conversion Kits

Make ringfield motor upgrade a breeze with our easy-to-use, 3D-printed conversion kits. Replace your old Hornby or Lima pancake motor with a brand new CD/DVD drive motor in minutes, without the need for messy glue or fiddly shaft alignment. We also stock spares and consumables.

Welcome to the Strathpeffer Junction shop. UK shipping for OO Gauge ringfield adaptor kit orders is £2.99, irrespective of how many are purchased. We also ship to Ireland, mainland Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Due to lockdown restrictions and our reliance on a mobile post office, parcel-sized orders are currently dispatched at Tuesday lunchtimes weekly, while letter-sized orders are dispatched twice weekly.

EU Orders
As a result of Brexit, orders placed from the EU may now be liable for import VAT where the total value is over €22. Whether or not a charge is applied will be down to local customs in your country. I can only apologise for any additional costs, but nonetheless thank you for sticking with me - I really appreciate you supporting my work.