DIY magnetic set squares for railway modelling

Magnet set squares are invaluable for railway modelling.

DIY magnetic set squaresI’ve bought a few sets in the past – one from Bachmann and one from Proses – but they can be quite expensive for what they are.

I wanted to find a cheaper option, so once again turned to my 3D printer for a solution.

In this video, I show you how to make your own magnetic clamps at home, using a 3D printer and my free to download/use 3D design (STL format).

You can download the 3D model to print at home for non-commercial use here:

Want to make your own? You’ll need materials!

Here are some affiliate links to materials used in this project. They don’t cost you any more to use, but I get a (very) small return from each item sold, which helps me keep the channel going.

I tend to use Rigid.Ink filament where I want quality and strength. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s by far and away the most reliable filament I’ve found. Plus, their customer service is excellent:

The world’s first adjustable Lima motor adaptor is here!

Next up from the Strathpeffer Junction 3D printer: an adjustable ‘generic’ ringfield motor adaptor for Lima locos.

Adjustable Lima motor adaptor

Following a few different queries from subscribers and viewers, and after a fair bit of testing and tweaking, we’re pleased to reveal my brand new adjustable Lima motor adaptor.

Adjustable Lima motor adaptor works with most 12mm CD motors

It’ll work with most small CD or DVD drive motors, from around 9mm to 12mm thick and 24mm diameter (or thereby), and is a simple ‘plug and play’ solution, just like the others in the range.

We’ve put together a brief overview and installation tutorial, which you can watch below.

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Lima Replacement Motor Adaptor: Finding the Perfect Fit!

Another short video relating to our Lima motor conversion kits.

Today we’re having a look at two alternative techniques for improving the fit between our ringfield motor adaptors and the CD drive motors that go in them.

Normally, the motor will fit into the adaptor with a good interference fit and will sit snugly, but sometimes manufacturing tolerances mean there may be a little play.

The two featured options resolve that issue for good, and take only seconds to do:

    • 01:01 – Method 1 (Permanent)
    • 03:01 – Method 2 (Reversible – Preferred Option)

You can grab yourself a roll of 8mm Kapton tape here (affiliate link):

To get yourself a conversion kit for your own Lima loco, head to:

This is a follow on video that supplements our previous video on upgrading a Lima ringfield motor to a CD-style motor, using our special 3D-printed conversion kits.

You can watch that earlier video here:

For full step-by-step instructions, please visit:

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