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8-Pin Decoder Socket Hard Wire Adaptor (DCC 8 Pin NEM65 Socket with Solder Tabs)



A brand new 8-pin decoder ‘Strathpeffer Junction designed and branded’ socket breakout board for hard-wiring into your model locomotive or multiple unit. The board is compact, making it suitable for the majority of models.

The board can be wired permanently into a model and negates the need to hard wire a decoder itself into the model, which makes replacing or reprogramming the decoder far simpler.

The adaptor is compatible with all common brands of 8-pin decoder, including ESU (LokPilot and LokSound), Zimo, Gaugemaster, Digitrax, Hornby, Bachmann and LaisDcc.

    • Dimensions: 17mm x 20mm x 8mm (approx.)

Wiring Guidance

The breakout board has the function of each solder pad marked on it, however due to its small size, we have reproduced the text in the diagram below for ease of reference.

To hard wire the board into a model, simply solder the wires from a) the pickups, b) leading to the motor, and c) feeding any directional/cab lighting etc. to the corresponding pads on the board.

Unlike other similar breakout boards, two special linked solder pads are provided for terminating an additional loco light or other function. Simply solder the additional purple aux wire found on some 8-pin decoders to one of the linked pads.

Note: The colours notes relate to the NMRA/NEM standards, however some manufacturers may not adhere to them for wiring inside a model, so please triple check which wire leads where before powering up the model/decoder. Please also check all solder joints for shorts before applying power.

DCC sound use

If used with an 8-pin DCC sound decoder, the speaker(s) should be soldered to the wires emanating from the decoder or to speaker pads provided on the decoder. Please refer to and follow the decoder manufacturer’s instructions.


We can accept no liability or responsibility for any damage or injury occurring from the installation and use of this adaptor. Installation requires modifications to DCC decoders and/or models and the use of tools, some of which have the potential to damage you and/or you models, as well as other components and equipment. Users must not commence work unless they are confident that they have the skills and experience necessary to complete it successfully, and install these adaptors and undertake work to their models at their own risk. Whilst we check all adaptors for obvious flaws prior to shipping, we do not probe every contact or examine every solder joint under a microscope; it is your responsibility to check and test them fully before use and, specifically, to check for shorts or incorrect wiring before applying any power to the layout, model and/or decoder. If you are in any doubt, you must consult the decoder or model manufacturer or contact us for assistance before powering anything up. We are not responsible for, nor liable for any damage caused through the installation or use of this product.


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