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8-Pin to 21-Pin Decoder Adaptor (DCC NEM652 8-Pin Socket to 21 Pin MTC Socket)


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A brand new 8-pin to 21-pin adaptor, allowing you to use an 8-pin decoder (including DCC sound) in a locomotive with a 21-pin male header plug. It has been designed by and manufactured for Strathpeffer Junction.

Special feature: Two pads for speaker wires are also provided, making it perfect for DCC sound installations. If you have speakers already soldered to the model’s PCB, just solder the decoder’s speaker wires direct to the pads on the adaptor – no need for any other re-wiring!

The adaptor is compatible with all common brands of decoder, including ESU (LokPilot and LokSound), Zimo, Gaugemaster, Digitrax, Hornby, Bachmann and LaisDcc.

    • Dimensions: 17mm x 17mm x 7mm (approx.)

Aux Output/Function 1 & 2 Wiring

By default, most 8-pin decoders provide a single auxiliary function output via a green wire soldered to the plug. Some decoders may also have an additional function output via a trailing purple/violet wire (and, in the case of some Zimo and ESU decoders, sometimes more besides).
Out of the box, this adaptor will link the green wire to the equivalent pin on the 21-pin chassis. This will be suitable for the vast majority of use case scenarios. However, optional solder pads are provided which you to switch the green output (numbered ‘A’ in the image below) between function 1/aux/output 3 (default – numbered ‘B’) or function 2/aux/output 4 (numbered ‘C’). This is easily done be breaking a small copper link (marked with *) and soldering a new link.
Alternatively, you could solder any additional purple/violet aux output wire from the decoder solder pad ‘C’, meaning two aux/output functions can be used to control lights etc. on the model. Instructions are featured in the image below and are also available to download.
Note: Do not bridge both sets of pads at the same time or connect more than one decoder output to any one pad, as this may lead to shorts or overload/destroy the decoder.



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