DIY magnetic set squares for railway modelling

Magnet set squares are invaluable for railway modelling.

DIY magnetic set squaresI’ve bought a few sets in the past – one from Bachmann and one from Proses – but they can be quite expensive for what they are.

I wanted to find a cheaper option, so once again turned to my 3D printer for a solution.

In this video, I show you how to make your own magnetic clamps at home, using a 3D printer and my free to download/use 3D design (STL format).

You can download the 3D model to print at home for non-commercial use here:

Want to make your own? You’ll need materials!

Here are some affiliate links to materials used in this project. They don’t cost you any more to use, but I get a (very) small return from each item sold, which helps me keep the channel going.

I tend to use Rigid.Ink filament where I want quality and strength. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s by far and away the most reliable filament I’ve found. Plus, their customer service is excellent: