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Welcome to our product support page, featuring a selection of instruction manuals, videos and other resources related to our railway modelling products.

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Lima CO-CO/10MM Motor Upgrade Kit (LA1)

Lima BO-BO/12MM Motor Upgrade Kit (LA2)

Lima Small Loco Motor Upgrade Kit (LA3)

Lima Generic 24mm Motor Upgrade Kit (LA4)

Lima CO-CO/9MM Motor Upgrade Kit (LA5)

Hornby CO-CO/10MM Ringfield Motor Adaptor

Coming soon.

Hornby BO-BO/12MM Ringfield Motor Adaptor

Coming soon.

Basic Motor & Gear Kits for Hornby and Lima

MK6 12V 12mm Motor Kits: Instructions

Diode Voltage Dropper Kits (DD1 & DD2)