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Pre-made PCB Diode Voltage Dropper (for 6V CD/DVD Motor Conversion)


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If you’re using a 6V dc motor in your Lima or Hornby ringfield motor conversion, and you’re using DC control or a DCC decoder without CV5/CV6 functionality, you’ll need to consider a diode voltage dropper to protect the motor from over-voltage and current.

This new and improved pre-assembled voltage dropper will drop around 3 volts, which is twice the value of our other kits and is particularly suited to higher speed 6V motors.

It features a specially-designed printed circuit board and is pre-assembled, saving you preparation time and hassle, and will reduce the voltage going to the motor by ~3v, adding substantial protection to any 6V motor and helping to achieve a far more prototypical speed.

We also stock a a range of ~1.5V voltage dropper kits, which may be better suited to slower motors: our pre-assembled surface-mount diode dropper kit (DD1), saving you time and effort soldering small components, low-profile surface mount (SMD) components kit (DD2) and our through-hole components kit (DD3).

The kit comes with basic wiring instructions. Detailed instructions are available in our ringfield adaptor kit instructions booklet which is available via our website.


Instructions for Diode Voltage Droppers (DD1 & DD2) 370.34 KB 927 downloads

Step-by-step instructions for diode voltage dropper kits (DD1 & DD2).  Last...

Looking for something that’s lower profile?

If you need a slimmer solution to fit in a small corner or fix to the chassis or body, our tiny surface mount  diode voltage dropper kit provides an alternative option to this through-hole kit. You can order it here.



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