A quick look at the HobbyZone SM1 Paint Pot Holder

HobbyZone Paint Pot HolderI’ve found the HobbyZone products to be excellent for organising my modelling desk. They do a range of drawers, shelves, paint racks etc. and the beauty of them all is that they are magnetic and clip together to form a rigid structure.

While others have covered unit construction, I thought I’d do a quick video on their wee paint stand (SM1). Just a quick look at what it is and how it goes together…a simple and easy job! You can watch the video below…

Diode Voltage Droppers for Ringfield Motor Upgrades & Conversions

If you’re using a 6V dc motor in your Lima or Hornby ringfield motor conversion, and you’re using DC control or DCC without CV5 functionality, you’ll need to consider a diode voltage dropper to protect the motor from over-voltage and current.

Diode Voltage Dropper Components

I’ve always made my own, but I know that not everyone has the skills, confidence or time to do that too, so I’ve come up with a couple of wee kits to help out.

Preassembled diode voltage dropper kit

There’s a pre-assembled diode voltage dropper kit which includes all of the core components soldered together for immediate use, plus a ‘components only’ kit with everything you need to quickly knock one up yourself.

If you’re interested, you’ll find the pre-made ones here and the components-only kits here.

You’ll find wiring instructions in the following booklet…


Instructions for Generic Lima Ringfield Motor Upgrade Kit (LA4) 529.65 KB 719 downloads

Step-by-step instructions for our Generic Lima ringfield motor upgrade kits.  Last...

Road & Rail Landrover Ramps

We’re happy to announce that, following a number of requests, a limited run of our 3D-printed road/rail landrover track access ramps available to purchase.

The ramps were originally designed these to compliment our own small fleet of Oxford Diecast road/rail models, one of which was motorised as featured on our YouTube channel.

The four ramps that come with the vehicle are not sufficient for a prototypical scene, so these compatible replacements are an ideal extra. They’re available in high-vis yellow and black – just like the real thing!