Hornby Replacement Motor Kits (Plug & Play)

All but Plug & Play replacement motor kits for Hornby OO Gauge models, that make motor upgrade a breeze. Convert your old ringfield (pancake) motor to a brand new CD/DVD drive motor in just a few minutes; no need for any messing around with hot glue or fiddly shaft alignment.

Welcome to the Strathpeffer Junction shop. UK shipping for OO Gauge ringfield adaptor kit orders is £2.99, irrespective of how many are purchased. We also ship to Ireland, mainland Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Due to lockdown restrictions and our reliance on a mobile post office, parcel-sized orders are currently dispatched at Tuesday lunchtimes weekly, while letter-sized orders are dispatched twice weekly.

EU Orders
Due to recent VAT changes in the UK & EU, orders shipped to the EU will now be liable for Import VAT. How that charge is applied (as well as any admin fees) will vary from country to country, but in most cases you will be asked to pay these fees before the item is delivered to you. You can also buy our kits on eBay, where Import VAT is covered in the postage costs.

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