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Generic 24mm CD/DVD Drive Motor Adaptor for Lima Ringfield Locomotives (LA4)


Only 3 left in stock


A brand new OO Gauge Lima ringfield motor conversion kit, comprising:

    • an adaptable computer-designed 3D-printed adaptor,
    • 2 x 8-tooth gears (one spare), and
    • a length of heat shrink tubing.

This kit does not come with a motor, but does include all of the other key components that are required for the conversion process, thus allowing you to use any compatible motor that you may already have in your spares box.

This innovative and unique motor adaptor is adjusted to the size of the motor and is therefore should be compatible with a wide variety of can-style CD/DVD drive motors on the market, so long as they fall within the following parameters:

    • motor diameter ranging from approximately 24mm to 24.4mm
    • motor thickness (excl. shaft) between  11.95mm and 12.5mm
    • shaft diameter 2mm
    • shaft length minimum 4mm

Given the sheer number of small CD-style motors available, we are unable to guarantee compatibility with all of them as manufacturing tolerances can vary significantly between manufacturers, however the adaptor has so far proven compatible with every variant that we have tried within the stated parameters.

While this adaptor requires a little more setting up than our full kits (and we do always recommend those for customers who wish as close to a plug-and-play solution as is possible), it is still simple and straightforward, and far less messy or fiddly than the ‘glue and hold’ approach.

This kit requires no permanent adaptation to be made to the motor bogie and therefore the original ringfield (pancake) motor can be reinstalled at any time; the motor, adaptor and/or gear can be replaced with ease, if ever the need arises.

Please note: This kit does not include a motor. You will have to supply your own. We sell them separately here or you can buy a kit with a motor here.

Read more about our ringfield adaptor kits here: www.strathpefferjunction.com/ringfieldadaptors


This kit is compatible with almost all UK outline Lima models, with the exception of their small locos (e.g. Class 08/09 shunter, GWR 45xx Prairie, GWR 94xx Pannier Tank and LNER J50 Tank).

The adaptor can be used with most 24mm dia. CD drive can motors, varying from 9mm to 12.5mm in thickness. For motors slightly less than 24mm dia., wraps of Kapton tape around the circumference of the can may be used to improve the fit.

If you do not have your own motor, please consider one of our full kits which come with a quality motor included:

★ For our 12mm/Bo-Bo Lima adaptors, please click here.
★ For our 10mm/Co-Co Lima adaptors, please click here.
★ For our Small Loco Lima adaptors (suitable for Class 08/09 shunters and GWR Prairie), please click here.


We can accept no liability or responsibility for any damage or injury occurring from the installation and use of our motor replacement kits. Installation requires modifications and the use of tools, some of which have the potential to damage you and/or you models, as well as other components and equipment. Users must not commence work unless they are confident that they have the skills and experience necessary to complete it successfully, and install these kits and undertake work to their models at their own risk.

Additional information

Weight 8 g

Usage Advice

1.  Our replacement motors are low-noise DC motors designed for CD/DVD drives. The output from a DCC decoder or a DC controller can exceed their voltage rating depending on how hard hard the loco is being worked. Whilst our own tests (and those of many others before us) show that these motors are capable of handling voltages higher than their rating, in order to avoid motor burn-out, prolong motor life and achieve prototypical speeds, we recommend:

    • For DC/Analogue use, speeds are kept low manually via the controller and a diode* voltage dropper should be considered in order to reduce voltage going to the motor (as outlined in the instructions);
    • For DCC use, speeds are kept low manually via the controller, decoders should have their CV5 value reduced (if available) and, particularly where CV5 adjustment is not available, a diode* voltage dropper should be considered in order to reduce voltage going to the motor (as outlined in the instructions).

2.  With all CD-style motor conversions, it is good practice to: i) maintain very high speeds for relatively short periods only, ii) keep running on steep inclines to a minimum, iii)  avoid coupled up with excessively long rakes of coaches/wagons, and iv) where less robust 10mm motors are fitted, resist the temptation to fit additional weight to the loco.

3.  It is recommended that locomotives fitted with our 3D printed adaptor kits are not run for more than an hour continuously; this is to prevent the motor temperature from exceeding the glass transition temperature of the plastic.

4. We recommend that locomotives fitted with can-style CD motors are:

    • Not run without a DCC decoder as ‘Locomotive 0’ on a DCC model railway layout (this is will lead to over-heating and rapidly ruin the motor), and
    • Not placed on the tracks whilst a high frequency track cleaner (such as the Gaugemaster HF-1/HF-2)  is in operation. There have been some reports that the frequency can damage the motors, although it is not something that we have tested.


The following instruction manuals are available for this product:


Instructions for Generic Lima Ringfield Motor Upgrade Kit (LA4) 529.65 KB 277 downloads

Step-by-step instructions for our Generic Lima ringfield motor upgrade kits.  Last...

Lima Replacement Motor Kits Troubleshooting Guidance (OO/HO) 276.46 KB 251 downloads

We have prepared a troubleshooting guide to address some of the rare, but potential...

Ringfield Motor Upgrade Kit Label 1.65 MB 278 downloads

Product label. ...

Ringfield Motor Upgrade Kit Product Leaflet & Advice 4.60 MB 284 downloads

Product overview and usage advice. Last revised: 24 March 2020. ...


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