Strathpeffer Junction YouTube Model Railway Channel Layout Cards

I was chatting to Paul at the Galgorm Hall model railway layout a few weeks back about railway modelling on YouTube, and model making and creativity online more generally.

One thing that we both loved about other maker channels, particularly amongst the woodworking community, is that folk share ‘shop cards’ with each other as a way to support other channels and give visual ‘shout outs’.

So, we decided we’d knock up some ‘layout cards’ for our own respective model railway YouTube channels and share them with each other to get the ball rolling.

And no sooner had we exchanged cards, when Simon from Liverton Central dropped us a line to get involved – and so it began!

I’ve also put together a small noticeboard, which I’ll hang on the wall in the loft and fill up with cards as and when they arrived. I’ve put together a short video explaining the thoughts behind this initiate – link below – and we’d love it if you’d like to get involved.

How to get a Strathpeffer Junction Layout Card

If you’d like a Strathpeffer Junction layout card, please click on the link below to send me your details. Please let me know if you’d prefer a magnet or sticker. Both variants now feature the Strathpeffer Junction station sign and YouTube design (see image above).

I originally had 50 cards to send out free of charge and with free UK/EU postage initially. I only have a handful of that batch left. Once the initial 50 have gone, I’ll happy send out the remaining cards in exchange for a stamped addressed envelope or contribution towards postage, or in exchange for your own card, which I’ll happily add to my wall of layout cards.

To get your Strathpeffer Junction card, please click here to send me your details. Make sure to include a UK/EU postal address. If you live further afield, I’m happy to send out a card if you cover the postage.

Got a layout card for your own channel?

I’d absolutely love to collect layout cards from other model railway YouTubers – be they in the UK or further afield – and add them to my board. If you’d like to send me one or you’d like to exchange one for one of my own cards, please drop me a line.