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Flangeway Independent Snowplough Weight Upgrade Kit (Unassembed)


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An unassembled, ‘container only’ version of our bespoke ‘Flangeway Independent Snowplough’ weight upgrade kit, allowing you to significantly increase the weight of the model using your ballast of choice, and significantly improve running performance.

The kit comprises:

    • Replacement main internal ballast/weight container & lid
    • New nose ballast/weight container

Note: You will need your own ballast and glue. For ballast, we recommend Deluxe Materials Liquid Gravity or fine lead shot.


As many of us who own one or more of Flangeway’s OO gauge independent snowploughs will know, whilst they are in most respects a wonderful representation of these icons of British railway history, they are not without their flaws.

Possibly the most problematic issue, and one that may still occur even with the extra brass weight in Flangeway’s newest release, is that they are too light and can be prone to derailing (particularly when pushed).

This upgrade sorts that with minimal fuss and requires no invasive alterations to the model.

Included in the kit are two carefully-designed, 3D-printed weight containers, ready and waiting to be filled with ballast. The main container is a simple replacement for the existing plastic moulded weight, while the other is a new, custom-made part that sits forward of the leading wheelset.

With both containers fully laden, you can achieve in the region of 72g (Liquid Gravity) or 106g (Lead Shot) total ballast. This represents a significant improvement on the ~22g moulded plastic weight in the original release or its upgraded ~34g cousin in the more recent release. No glue is required to hold the weights in place and no alterations to the models are needed. This upgrade is fully reversible.


We have tested this kit with both the original batch of Flangeway’s snowploughs and their new release in 2020. The moulding is the same, so the kit is compatible with all current models.


We can accept no liability or responsibility for any damage or injury occurring from the installation and use of our upgrade kits. Installation may require disassembly, modifications and the use of tools, some or all of which has the potential to damage you and/or you models, as well as other components and equipment. Users must not commence work unless they are confident that they have the skills and experience necessary to complete it successfully, and install these kits and undertake work to their models at their own risk. Any images included with this listing of Flangeway snowplough models are provided for information only: this kit does not include a snowplough model and you must provide your own ballast.

Additional information

Weight 50 g



Upgrading your snowplough with our pre-assembled weight upgrade kit is simple. In most cases, all you need is a small Philips screwdriver. Full instructions can be downloaded via our website, but here’s a quick overview:

To install the front weight:

Simply remove the foremost screw, insert the weight over the screw hole, press it into place and replace the screw.

The weight should be held firmly in place by friction and the screw, but if there is a little movement, you can sort it using double-sided tape (removable) or glue (permanent).

Note: So long as the weight is seated correctly, it should be barely visible once installed; however, if a small portion is visible, you can paint the underside to reduce visibility.

To install the main weight:

Unscrew the two screws that hold the top part of the plough to the lower section and then separate the two parts. You will see a moulded plastic weight in the top part of the plough, which should be removed (in the original release, it’s all plastic, while in the 2020 release, it is plastic with a small brass insert). Insert the new weight into the space vacated by the old weight and reassemble the plough.

Painting the weights

We use cyanoacrylate glue to hold the ballast in place. Given the volume required, it is common for it to ‘off gas’ whilst curing. This may result in a white residue forming on the outside of the plastic containers. This is purely cosmetic and in most cases won’t be noticeable once installed, but you may wish to paint over it using black or another suitable colour.

Safety Precautions

In order to add as much weight as possible into what are relatively small spaces, this kit uses fine lead shot for ballast. Lead is poisonous to humans, animals and aquatic life. Please handle lead and these items very carefully and keep them away from children and pets. If at any point any lead shot becomes exposed or is dislodged, please handle it using protective gloves and ensure that it is not inhaled or ingested. Always wash your hands after touching lead (even if gloves are used) and do not smoke, drink or eat until you have done so. If you are in any doubt, please consult the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance on working with lead. If you think that you may have ingested or inhaled lead, please speak with a doctor immediately or, if you’re in the UK, call 111 for assistance.


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