Lima Ringfield Replacement 12V CD Motor & Adaptor Kit (LA6/12MM/Bo-Bo)


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A brand new OO Gauge Lima ringfield motor conversion kit, comprising: a high quality 12V low-noise can motor, computer-designed 3D-printed adaptor, 2 x 8-tooth gears (one spare) and a length of heat shrink tubing.

This kit uses a 12Vdc motor, so no diodes is required and CV5 programming is optional and, like with all of our Lima kits, the conversion process is fully reversible, so the old ringfield (pancake) motor can be reinstalled at any time. The adaptor is also reusable, meaning the motor, adaptor and/or gear can be replaced with ease, if ever the need arises.

Read more about our ringfield adaptor kits here:

Need for speed?

This motor in this kit is rated at 12 volts (D/V 13.0) and whilst it’s the bomb proof option, it will run a little slower than 6 volt (D/V 5.9) CD/DVD motors. Those seeking the fastest possible speeds for HST sets etc. may still prefer our 6V upgrade kit with a diode voltage dropper.


We have tested the adaptor in UK outline models marked with an asterisk below. Based on visual assessment, this adaptor should also work with all ringfield models listed. Very occasionally, light sanding may be required around the lugs to ensure clearance.

Class 26*
Class 27*
Class 33*
Class 42 (Warships)*
Class 43 (HST)*
Class 73*
Class 87
Class 101*
Class 117*
Class 121 *
Class 156
Class 373 (Eurostar)
Class 960 Sandite Unit*
GWR Railcar*
0-4-0 (Diesel & Steam)

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★ For our 10mm/Co-Co Lima adaptors, please click here.
★ For our Small Loco Lima adaptors (suitable for Class 08/09 shunters and GWR Prairie), please click here.


The following instruction manuals are available for this product:

Important considerations

1.  This high-quality conversion kit uses a 12V motor (D/V 13.0v), so there is no need to use a diode voltage dropper or keep speeds low using CV5 adjustment.

2.  With all CD-style motor conversions, it is still good practice to: i) maintain very high speeds for relatively short periods only, ii) keep running on steep inclines to a minimum, and iii)  avoid coupled up with excessively long rakes of coaches/wagons.

3.  It is recommended that locomotives fitted with our 3D printed adaptor kits are not run for more than an hour continuously; this is to prevent the motor temperature from exceeding the glass transition temperature of the plastic.

4. We recommend that locomotives fitted with can-style CD motors are:

★ Not run without a DCC decoder as ‘Locomotive 0’ on a DCC model railway layout (this is will lead to over-heating and rapidly ruin the motor), and

★ Not placed on the tracks whilst a high frequency track cleaner (such as the Gaugemaster HF-1/HF-2)  is in operation. There have been some reports that the frequency can damage the motors, although it is not something that we have tested.


We can accept no liability or responsibility for any damage or injury occurring from the installation and use of our motor replacement kits. Installation requires modifications and the use of tools, some of which have the potential to damage you and/or you models, as well as other components and equipment. Users must not commence work unless they are confident that they have the skills and experience necessary to complete it successfully, and install these kits and undertake work to their models at their own risk.

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